Problem Description

Access to the videos concerning this certification test will be provided on request after completing the following requirements. Here is the link.

Pre-requisites for taking this project:

  1. Complete all the course lectures
  2. Submit working code for all coding exercises & instructor-led project
  3. Submit personal details like full name, organization where you are studying or working

Certification project includes following video lectures discussing:

(a) Problem Description

(b) Solution Overview

(c) System Design Overview & Grading

Solution will also be graded for writing clean code.

Here is a basic problem description:

In this test, you will implement a simple Java compiler. Given a Java program, the compiler would perform the following two checks. If both checks are successful, then it reports that the program compiled successfully. Otherwise, the compiler reports the error.

  1. Identify all the blocks in the program and ensure they are well-formatted, i.e., every block has an opening and a closing brace. For this test, a block can be class, interface, constructor, method, and control-flow statements
  2. Whether the names of type (class or interface) and method(s) are proper Java identifiers. If there is a constructor, then its name must match the class name.

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