Mastering Core Java with Best Practices

In-depth Java course integrated with best practices & design principles along with an instructor-led project

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Learn Best Practices

Master design principles & best practices for writing well-designed, professional code

Master Java Language

Gain in-depth understanding of core Java with 40+ hours of high quality video lectures. Self-paced with 24x7 life-time access

Real-World Project

Gain real-world experience by implementing an instructor-led project using professional coding conventions

Course Overview

This course has been meticulously designed to help you in setting up a solid foundation in Java. Having realized the short-comings in the way programming is being currently taught, it takes a truly holistic approach in teaching the langauge. Apart from discussing every concept at a very in-depth level, it also teaches the best practices & design rules that are essential for building well-designed software. So, while learning the core language, you also get to learn the professional coding conventions that software engineers at top companies like Amazon & Google follow. You'll also implement an instructor-led project using professional coding conventions.

This is a wonderful course. The Instructor is highly competent. He is a world-class instructor ... Taking this course will definitely give you a tremendous appreciation for this great language.

Over 100k students from over 150 countries are learning from the lectures in this course. Many large multi-national companies are also utilizing these lectures in training their new hires. Over 20 million minutes of these lectures have been watched so far. This course has helped many students start their professional journey as confident Java programmers.

What you will learn

The course is very comprehensive covering everything from origins of Java to language basics, object-oriented concepts & design, JVM internals, exceptions, IO, collections framework, generics, and basics of multi-threading. An instructor-led project is also included and is built progressively as we learn new concepts.

Every concept is clearly explained with well thought out examples, nice illustrations and demonstrated in code with Eclipse as IDE. An excellent Eclipse tutorial is also included. Several challenging coding exercises & quizzes are included to validate what has been learned.

Finally, course also teaches several best practices & design principles that are essential for writing well-designed code. This is one of the main highlights of the course.

Mastering Core Java

Gain in-depth understanding of core Java including JVM internals. Includes several challenging coding exercises & quizzes to reinforce what you've learned.

Best Practices & Design Principles

Get a deep understanding of professional coding conventions and design rules that any good software engineer must know.

Implementing a Real-World Project

Get real-world experience by developing an instructor-led project that follows professional coding conventions.

Coding Exercises & Quizzes

Several challenging coding exercises & quizzes are included to validate what you have learnt

Quick Personalized Responses

Get in-depth personalized responses within 24 hours for all your questions. 10k+ questions have already been answered

Core Java Engineer Certification

Get certified as Core Java Engineer on completing the course. See FAQ below for more details. As the Java language evolves, the course will also be updated with any relevant new features.

Course Curriculum

Instructor Bio

Dheeru Mundluru is the instructor for this program. A passionate software engineer & educator, Dheeru has around 15 years of experience developing innovative software for start-ups in silicon valley and elsewhere. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Louisiana at Lafayette (USA). He is an experienced online instructor and is also rated as one of the top instructors on Udemy. His engineering expertise includes developing complex Web data integration & mining software with Java as the main programming tool. Coming from start-up world, he also has extensive end-to-end experience in developing Web applications using technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, and Solr.

Writing well-crafted code that follows the best design practices is of utmost importance to him. He brings the same level of passion and completeness to his teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

You can start & finish it anytime. For someone completely new to programming, it can take around 2 months of full-time effort to complete it in the right way. That would set you up for the rest of your career!

Is the course for beginners and any prerequisites?

Course is designed to help "absolute" beginners to truly master Java and use it professionally. Over half year of your self-study effort has been packed into 40+ hours. Only requirement is you need to put in lot of effort and work through the course patiently & systematically. So, no prerequisites.

What is Core Java Engineer certification? What are its requirements?

Core Java Engineer certification is a true validation of skills that you have mastered through this course. If you wish to receive this optional certificate, you'll have to complete all lectures and submit working code for all coding exercises and the instructor-led project. Once all your code and details are verified, you'll be given access to a mini-project, which you will have to successfully complete.

Is the course fee refundable?

No. To ensure the course is right fit for you, please review the preview videos, course description and curriculum carefully.

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What they are saying about the course

"Absolutely amazing, complete and in depth course. I would recommend this course to everyone interested in Java and programming in general. Dheeru Mundluru is an exemplary and responsive instructor. ... due to this course I have fell in love with Java language and its ecosystem."


"I have bought so many courses but this course has been a game changer to me. It is in depth as the name says. It helped me pass a paid internship interview in a reputable company and now i am getting a job. ..."


"This is a wonderful course. The Instructor is highly competent. He is a world-class instructor ... Taking this course will definitely give you a tremendous appreciation for this great language."