Mastering Java Exceptions with Best Practices

This highly practical course will teach you the right tools & best practices for building robust software programs.

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Course Overview

Building reliable software is not just about understanding how Java exceptions work, but to also understand how to use them in the right way. So, it is more than learning Java exceptions as a language feature and that is what this course aims to teach. This intensely practical specialized course has been designed with following objectives:

  • To give you a complete understanding of the Java exceptions mechanism

  • To teach the best practices & idioms for effectively writing Java exceptions

Exceptions are almost always covered as a short chapter/topic (typically 30 - 45 minutes) in a larger Java course and they only cover the basics of Java exceptions. This may suffice most of the times. But to build truly robust software that can withstand test of times and also help you to quickly identify and debug any bugs, you would need to have a more solid understanding of exceptions and how to use them effectively. Through the above objectives, this course aims to give you that kind of a solid foundation in just about 3 hours of time. As for the best practices & idioms go, we discuss in code all exception-related principles outlined in the popular Effective Java book. This is one of the highlights of the course and will make you truly complete!

All the topics will be covered by writing code. Most of the code is based on a single concept of sharing data with a partner in a programmatic way. The code will be built gradually with each discussed topic. There is also a bonus chapter where we demonstrate how to debug Java programs in Eclipse and also how to use JUnit unit testing framework. The course content is being actively used at top companies like Intel, Cognizant, and TCS for employee up-skilling.

What you will learn

Mastering Java Exceptions

Get complete understanding of exception-related language features like try/catch/finally & throw/throws, checked & unchecked exceptions, try-with-resources, assertions, etc.

Best Practices & Idioms

Learn best practices & design rules specific to implementing Java exceptions that any good software engineer must know.

Based on a Real-World Use-Case

A single use-case of accessing a Web Service is used as a backdrop in explaining most of the concepts in the course.

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Instructor Bio

Dheeru Mundluru is the instructor for this program. A passionate software engineer & educator, Dheeru has around 15 years of experience developing innovative software for start-ups in silicon valley and elsewhere. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Louisiana at Lafayette (USA). He is an experienced online instructor and is also rated as one of the top instructors on Udemy. His engineering expertise includes developing complex Web data integration & mining software with Java as the main programming tool. Coming from start-up world, he also has extensive end-to-end experience in developing Web applications using technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, and Solr.

Writing well-crafted code that follows the best design practices is of utmost importance to him. He brings the same level of passion and completeness to his teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites?

A basic working knowledge of Java.

When does the course start and finish?

You can start & finish it anytime.

Are course videos & slides downloadable?

No. However, all programs demonstrated in the course are downloadable.

Is the course fee refundable?

No. To ensure the course is right fit for you, please review the preview videos, course description and curriculum carefully.

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What they are saying about the course

"The instructor explained all the concepts with examples, which if you follow religiously would with one revision in the end would be etched in your mind forever. Quick response. Enjoyed the class."

Sri Sushma

"Excellent course. Handling exceptions is one of the main things that each developer must know."

Igor Shevchenko

"This course is very helpful. It starts from basics and covers all the advanced topics related to exception handling."

Viswanatha Kalidindi