Java In-Depth: The Master Course

Comprehensive Master Course designed to help you in becoming a complete & confident Java Engineer. Apart from an in-depth coverage of core & advanced Java, the course also teaches time-tested design principles & best practices for writing industry-grade code. Includes an instructor-led Java EE project too.

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Mastering Core Java with Best Practices

An in-depth course that helps you in setting up a solid foundation in core Java. Similar to our Master Course, this one also teaches tons of best practices & design principles for writing industry-grade code. Includes an instructor-led project too.

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Our Specialized Courses

Functional Programming in Java

Learn to write compact, clean and efficient code by mastering Functional Programming in Java using Lambdas & Streams

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    Comprehensive Introduction to Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

    Learn JVM internals like Class Loading, Reflection, Garbage Collection, Heap & Stack and Bytecode Instruction Set!

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      Using Git & GitHub from Eclipse: A Practical Introduction

      A clear step-by-step demonstration of entire workflow of using Git & GitHub from within Eclipse.

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        Mastering Java Exceptions with Best Practices

        This highly practical course will teach you the right tools & best practices for building robust software programs.

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          Our Udemy Courses

          Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!

          Lighter version of our Master Course, this is one of Udemy's top 3 Java courses with over 100k students world-wide. It has same goals as our Master Course, but does not cover Modularity (JPMS), few important Functional Programming topics, Record Classes, Certification Tests along with few other concepts all of which are exclusive to Master Course.

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