A Comprehensive Introduction to Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Understand JVM internals like Class Loading, Reflection, Garbage Collection, Heap & Stack and Bytecode Instruction Set!

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Course Overview

To be a complete Java engineer, apart from having a strong background in Java & design patterns, it is also important to have a good understanding of the internal workings of JVM. Towards this end, this course is about helping you gain a solid understanding of how JVM works. With 4 hours of high quality video lectures, the course is self-paced with 24x7 life-time access. The course content is being actively used at companies like Intel, Cognizant, and TCS.

Highly informative course! The instructor is clearly extremely knowledgeable and provides solid explanations of the concepts.

The course starts off by discussing about why JVM (and Java) were created and then discuss JVM and it's architecture at a high-level. We next learn about Lifetime of a Type where concepts like Class Loading & Linking (Bytecode Verification) are discussed in detail. Everything is demonstrated in code. We next discuss Reflection API. We finally look at the different memory areas (runtime data areas) that JVM deals with where we will learn about things like method area, heap, method table, garbage collection, and stacks. We will see how we can tune the heap size and how that impacts garbage collection process. We will also look at some of the Java bytecode instructions. To learn about them, we disassemble a .class file and inspect the bytecode instructions.

Instructor Bio

Dheeru Mundluru is the instructor for this program. A passionate software engineer & educator, Dheeru has around 15 years of experience developing innovative software for start-ups in silicon valley and elsewhere. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Louisiana at Lafayette (USA). He is an experienced online instructor and is also rated as one of the top instructors on Udemy. His engineering expertise includes developing complex Web data integration & mining software with Java as the main programming tool. Coming from start-up world, he also has extensive end-to-end experience in developing Web applications using technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, and Solr.

Writing well-crafted code that follows the best design practices is of utmost importance to him. He brings the same level of passion and completeness to his teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites?

Understanding of Core Java and lots of Concentration as topics could be very unfamiliar.

When does the course start and finish?

You can start & finish it anytime.

Are course videos & slides downloadable?

No. However, all programs demonstrated in the course are downloadable.

Is the course fee refundable?

No. To ensure the course is right fit for you, please review the preview videos, course description and curriculum carefully.

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What they are saying about the course

"This course provides an in-depth introduction of the jvm with rich details. It's a great learning experience for those who really want to understand how jvm is working. highly recommended!"

Jason Wang

"Dheeru clearly has an incredibly strong in depth understanding of JVM and Java bytecode. Haven't found a course that dives this deep and granular until now."

Rich Staats

"Great slides and pretty simple explanations of such complex things helps to understand better and learn the material."

Igor Guzenko